2022 Sea Value

u - WARNING Cancer Causing See www.P65Warnings.ca.gov v - WARNING Reproductive Harm w - WARNING Cancer and Reproductive Harm 58 Fishing Item# GPH Outlet Volts Amps 29-401Cu 500 3/4" 12 2.1 29-403Cu 800 3/4" 12 2.8 29-401STCu 500 3/4" 12 2.1 29-403STCu 800 3/4" 12 2.8 29-401FCu 500 3/4" 12 2.1 29-403FCu 800 3/4" 12 2.8 29-405FCu 1100 1 1/8" 12 3.3 TOURNAMENT SERIES AERATOR PUMP Item# GPH Outlet 23-42537w 500 3/4" TSUNAMI RECIRQ AERATOR KIT Item# GPH Outlet 50-19481 360 3/4" 12V AERATION/PUMP SYSTEM Item# GPH Outlet Thread 50-19461 600 3/4" 4" x 3/4" LIVEWELL-BAITWELL PUMP Item# Model GPH Outlet Aerator Pump For Thru-Hull 23-46407 T500 500 3/4" 23-46507 T800 800 3/4" Repl. Parts Description GPH Fits 23-46206 Replacement motor cartridges 500 T500 23-46226 Replacement motor cartridges 800 T800 TSUNAMI CARTRIDGE AERATOR PUMP Item# GPH Description Outlet 189-28503w 500 Straight 3/4" 189-38503w 500 90° 3/4" 189-28703w 750 Straight 3/4" 189-38703w 750 90° 3/4" Repl. Parts Description GPH 189-28512w Repl. Motor Cartridge 1000 189-28572w Repl. Motor Cartridge 750 189-28552w Repl. Motor Cartridge 500 CARTRIDGE AERATOR PUMP Use on livewells that have built-in overflows or recirculating systems. Mounts on side of tank. 90° fitting for installation in tight spaces. Rotating head with O-ring adjusts and maintains flow setting. Removable head. Polypropylene construction. Maximum tank thickness: 5/8". Self-contained system feeds a separate aerator spray head, works even while underway. Includes: •  Tsunami aerator pump with short inlet, threaded outlet •  4125-1 aerator spray head •  4232-1 stainless steel strainer •  2 plastic hose clamps •  3/4" dia., 23" L poly hose •  Straight thread-to-barb connector Tsunami aerator pumps are dependable and long-lasting. Cartridges are replaceable and interchangeable. Housing made of rugged, glass and mineral filled polymer that withstands hull pounding and resists chemicals. Easy installation: No mounting bracket required. 29" wire connector and threaded outlet style. 3 year warranty. 12VDC. 46507 46407 •  Ignition protected •  Quiet running •  Marine grade tinned wires •  No burn out when run dry •  Both straight and angled fittings Included •  Two year limited warranty •  12VDC Convert any ice chest or bait bucket into a livewell. •  Use to fill or empty livewell •  Use as a wash-down system •  Use as a bilge pump •  Two year limited warranty Item# Hose 23-41257w 3/4" I.D. AERATOR SPRAY HEAD, ADJUSTABLE Small profile thermo plastic body design with removable motor cartridges offered with straight or 90º inlet. 90 Degree Includes Dura-Ports to allow multi-directional hose routing, easy installation, and prevents pump housing cracking due to hose overtightening. Easy to maintain or replace with removable motor cartridges that allow any capacity motor without removing the entire pump. Push button motor cartridge removal makes it quick and easy to replace a motor or change your output. Base rotates 360° to fit any application. Dual port option allows connection of washdown pump with just the single thru hull fitting. Includes both straight and 90° hose barb fittings. Anti-airlock protection. "FC" Tournament "STC" Tournament "C" Tournament